Blog Drop
April 15, 2024

When you’re on a journey to build something, it’s easy to measure success by the milestones and accomplishments. What’s often missed is the process on how those goals are achieved. It takes time to add customers, to generate a following, to grow sales, but it’s of most importance to understand the means of doing so. By doing this, I’ll be able to have repeat success. Even with writing my blogs, I’ve committed myself to every week, providing you all an update. Writing these not only serves as a moment to share with you all what is going on behind the scenes, but a personal moment to reflect on what I’ve done.

In particular, I’ve identified a process to grow the brand in retail stores. Not only am I starting to get into more stores across the metro area, but I’m beginning to circle back with shops that have previously told me “no”. Beyond brick and mortar, I’ve been working to master the e-commerce space. A combination of brick & mortar retail, e-commerce, and local events will continue to be the lifeblood for growth in 2024!

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