Blog Drop
April 15, 2024

Find inspiration, motivation, and passion in several different areas of my life. It doesn’t take much to lift someone up, or to push them in the right direction. An email I received several weeks ago had done just that for me and I want you to know what that means to me. I have some great news to share!

Through months of emailing, in person visits, and meetings we have finally reached a deal with a major retailer. Hardcore Peanut Butter Spread is officially in stores now at Fresh Thyme! This was a very long road, but through hard-work, dedication, and staying focused, we were able to reach our goal. We are starting in just one store for now at Prospect Park(right on the University of Minnesota campus), but this is only the beginning. First it’s one store, then it’s two stores, then it’s the entire city. The growth does not stop!

The official email I received confirming that our product was accepted was one of the inspiring and motivating things I had ever received in my entire career. That feeling of accomplishment is what drives me to continuing to run this business and allowing it to reach it’s full potential!

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